Mohamadreza Sabalani

investment manager

Real estate expert

buying property in Cyprus adviser

buying property in turkey adviser


business development adviser

study in Cyprus adviser

Mohamad Reza Sabalani
  • Manager of “121 Real Estate Complex” for the sale of apartments in Tehranpars
  • Instructor of capital management courses “Andishe Noo Nikan
  • Sales Manager of “Digital Site” Digital Marketing Company
  • ISO 9001 auditor and integrated management systems
  • Sales representative of apartments and projects in Turkey and Northern Cyprus
  • Head of Reconstruction, Renovation and Interior Decoration Team Rabin Home
  • education: master of industrial Eng (IUST)
  • work experience : 15 years
  • cell-Number +989122195962
  • Address: Tehran, Iran
Real estate sales manager

Depending on the current methods and conditions of the market and society and the use of previous experiences, leave the sale of your property exclusively to the team under my guidance and sell it at the best cash price or in the most ideal way possible with Replace the property.

Buy property in Turkey

My colleagues provide you with the best real estate advice in Turkey (Istanbul) and provide you with a safe and golden purchase at the best possible price in Turkey and do all your work to get your residence, passport and bank account and etc

Study in Northern Cyprus and buy property

Our dedicated office in Northern Cyprus with more than 20 years of experience and legal registration in Iran and Northern Cyprus can provide the best university with the best conditions for you to study and stay. Our team has many special offers for living or staying in Northern Cyprus.

Imports and Exports

Our company is legally registered in Oman and Iraqi Kurdistan and has a good relationship with China. If you want to import goods from the main source in these two countries or export products, we can advise you and do it for you.

Starting and upgrading a business

Tehran Digital Marketing Agency Site, site design and management of social networks and business model and target market and being seen in the virtual world and upgrading Google rankings and creating motion graphics and advertising teasers are among our services. Contact us to improve your business situation and update it.

Reconstruction and renovation

Robin Home design and engineering team, relying on up-to-date knowledge and brilliant experience of several renovations and renovations in Tehran and its suburbs, will be able to renovate your dream home or villa according to the schedule with the lowest price and of course with full guarantee. Dream from you and run from us.

Chess Player
2011 - Present
Real Estate Expert

Real Estate Expert Real estate and legal expert in real estate pricing and sales engineering

2018- 2020
sales manger

Starting a business and providing sales and customer relationship management models In Tehran Digital Marketing Company site

2013 - 2020
Associate Professor
Iran University of Science & Technology

Instructor of Entrepreneurship, Emotional Intelligence, Work and Time, Sales Strategy, Management,

Reconstruction Team Leader

Head of Rabin Home Architecture, Renovation and Interior Decoration Executive Team

2006 - 2010
Industrial Engineering - Systems Planning and Analysis

2010 - 2014
Master of Industrial Engineering - Industry
Iran University of Science & Technology

PhD student in Industrial Engineering - Systems Planning and Analysis
Iran University of Science & Technology

My Skills
  • Property best buy
  • investment manager
  • senior of Selling property
  • renovation
  • sells
  • business Model
  • business adviser
  • team work

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